Paradise Restored

an excerpt, posted with permission, from Rick Joyner’s ( “Highway to Heaven – It is Time to Learn to Fly” published Jan 1, 2009 on

“I have had prophetic experiences in which I was shown brief pictures of how wonderful the Kingdom of God on the earth will be. With sin and evil removed, the mental capacity of people grew to be many times what we have now. It has been estimated that even the greatest geniuses only use about 10 percent of their brains. In the Kingdom, the rest of the brain will be awakened, not just for people, but for all creatures. This will result in an ability to perceive and understand many times what we are able to now. The animals were also freed mentally so that there was a communication and understanding between all living things.
Picture of a very wise looking LionAnimals such as lions seemed to have an intelligence approaching what people have now. The communication between people and animals was conversational and intelligent. I was shown that this was actually the condition in the Garden before the Fall, which is why Eve was not startled when the serpent talked to her as she was used to having conversations with animals.

After the Fall, the discord between man and creation grew as man fell deeper into depravity and selfishness. Noah, who had maintained a level of harmony with God, also had maintained a level of harmony with His creation. This enabled Noah to be comfortable with the animals in the ark and to communicate with them. That, too, is an insight into what the messengers of the Kingdom will be like. They will not only save man but the creation as well. The Lord loves the earth that He made for us, and He loves all of the creatures on it.

In the visions I have been given of the age to come, men were not teaching the animals tricks but high level concepts and the ways of the Lord. The creatures worshiped Him too and wanted to know Him and be close to Him. The animals were also sharing with men their understanding of Him and their understanding of the creation. It was as if man was having the kind of fellowship with the animals that God has with men. Knowledge was still increasing, and it was truth that led to an increasingly abundant life.”

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